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Safe Surgery During COVID


The COVID Pandemic has completely transformed the manner in which we carry out our daily routines. It’s natural that all the changes that are now the new normal will also apply to any type of surgery or procedure you may need to undergo. If you are facing a surgical procedure any time soon, you may be worried about preparing for the procedure and the surgical care that needs to follow. 

If the procedure is elective surgery, your surgeon may decide to delay it in order to protect your health and put you out of risk of catching any infectious diseases. Be rest assured that if your surgery is what’s best for your health, surgeons, hospitals and staff are taking the utmost care to ensure your safety.

surgery during covid

Leading health institutions and international organisations are providing guidelines for hospitals to follow with regards to the execution of surgical procedures. Before the surgery, hospitals get patients screened and tested to prevent the spreading of the virus. You may need to self-quarantine for some time before the surgery and undergo COVID-19 testing. 

Hospitals and operating rooms are extremely high maintenance areas that undergo high-level disinfection processes. Hospital staff and surgeons have also been accustomed to operating with personal protective equipment such as face masks and covers over their surgeon mask. The incorporation of universal masking guidelines in hospitals successfully reduced infection rates. In a recent study, medical professionals working with PPE kits have no infection rates, even when dealing with COVID-19 cases directly. 

After the surgery, your visiting schedule by family members may be restricted to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Your surgeon will let you know whether you require to follow any post-surgery care. 

Remember to speak to your doctor if you have concerns or questions about your upcoming procedure. He will be glad to address them and offer alternatives if possible.

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